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Time to Time

Jean-Paul Moreau : Time to Time

Jean-Paul Moreau

Time to Time 




Jean-Paul Moreau accordéons

1 - Martin Wynne's, The Reel With A Bird And The Copperplate (04:04)
 2 - The House In The Glen And Seamus Cooley's (03:28)
 3 - She Moves Through The Fair (03:55)
 4 - Mother's Delight, The Trip To Negah And The Steeplechase (04:08)
 5 - Ashokan Farewel, Martin Connoly's And The Night Before Larry Was Stretched (06:09)
 6 - February Reels (04:39)
 7 - Johnston's Hornpipe (03:05)
 8 - The Castle, Brendan Tonra's And Ingonish (04:20)
 9 - The Cameron Highlander And The Bucks Of Oranmore (03:43)
 10 - Bold Doherty (04:25)
 11 - Bubbling Wine , Spike Island Lassies And John Brosnan's (05:14)


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